About Us


Our mission is to create original children's music, characters and stories that nourish the imagination, encourage learning, and support moral values.

Six of us formed Musecraft in 2000. Four of us are parents (at last count) of eight children (at last count); four of us are teachers. We are musicians and artists and writers and animators and programmers and business people. We are concerned, even alarmed, by much of the entertainment available to children. We intend to provide wholesome stories, songs, characters, and activities that kids can control and parents can feel good about.

We believe children, parents and educators appreciate musical quality and a broad range of musical styles. We believe children engage their brains and senses through fun characters and wholesome adventures. We believe computer and Internet literacy is good, especially when it supports individual learning styles and encourages reading, reading and more reading. And we believe more and more parents and educators demand educational entertainment that provides positive role models and a stimulating alternative to television.

We invite you to spend some time with your child and get to know the Zinglers. Read along with the adventures, sing along with the songs, play the activities, send a ZinglerGram to a friend. Check in often-we'll update the site weekly. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Thanks for coming; have a Zingler day!

Charlie Ashton