Meet Quexler

"Hello, Quexler's the name, er, um, my name to be precise, that is, if Iam the 'the' to which I am referring, heretofore referred thereafter as 'I'!  HAHAHahahha, ohmigosh, legalese cracks me up!  Not so much in a Wegener, continental drift sort of cracking up way, but. hahahah, ahah, a....well, that turn of the century plate tectonics humor never flies, does it?"

Hang on to your brain cells, here comes Quexler!  The answer man, Quexler has many arms and can do more than one thing at a time. He also knows an awful lot about the world and uses very big words.  He likes to crack jokes, but sometimes he's the only one that understands them!


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